*NEW* DT Swiss FR 541

*NEW* DT Swiss FR 541


The FR 541 aspires to be the last rim you build on your bike. The new rim design enables improved impact resistance and a better pinch flat protection to fit your style and your lines. 

Even if others before have not managed to match your riding style, the FR 541 will be present on every feature you want to hit. Its new shape gives it particularly attractive characteristics to resist your abuse for a long time. Push a little harder on the rocks and jump a little higher on the jumps; this new rim allows for improved impact resistance and better pinch flat protection to forgive you if your landing is farther away than expected. The optimization doesn't stop there; the rim weight is reduced compared to the previous FR model, allowing you to have a little less weight to pull on your first attempt of that new road gap. The FR 541 may not be the first rim to accompany you on your various adventures, but it aspires to be the last. Mount this rim with love and it will faithfully reward you.


IMPROVED PINCHFLAT PROTECTION  - Tests conducted with a leading tire supplier showed a 17% increase in pinch flat resistance compared to the previous FR 560 rim.

AVAILABLE IN 29" AND 650B WITH 28 OR 32 SPOKE COUNT -  Ride in full 29", full 27,5" or mullet. The FR 541 is available in both sizes and both sizes are available in 28 or 32 spoke count.

WELDED RIM - The welding process on aluminum rims is the most resistant joining method of the DT Swiss aluminum portfolio. 

REDUCED WEIGHT - The FR 541 is lighter than the FR 560 due to the complete reworking of the rim profile while becoming more resistant.

PERSONALIZE YOUR RIDE - The FR 541 comes with three additional stickers to match your style.


A strong rim is indeed beneficial, but it is not an end in itself. When used on the most technical and steepest trails, several other factors come into play when it comes to wheel durability.

An essential factor that ensures the quality of a wheel is the spoke tension. The art of wheel building is to set the spoke tension as close as possible to the given maximum, while keeping the deviation of the tensions between them as low as possible. 

Purchase your new DT Swiss FR 541 in store or ONLINE and one of our DT Swiss trained mechanics can build up your new set of wheels.

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