Kommit Retractable Tow Rope System - This is amazing !

Kommit Retractable Tow Rope System - This is amazing !

During longer rides children at some point run out of steam and that’s where the Bike Towing System kommit ® comes into play. Designed, developed and assembled in Germany, it is small, light and intuitive to use.
Let yourself be inspired by this high-quality, effective problem solver.
The kommit ® will playfully extend bike riding adventures with children and is even suitable to use on an e-bike.

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Kommit Tow Rope
Highlights of the kommit®
– Developed, designed and assembled in Bavaria, Germany
– Tool-free mounting on the saddle or stem
– Easy to attach thanks to the long and slanted webbing
– Small and compact, tidy under the saddle
– Hard-wearing nylon line from parachute technology
– Length of 2 meters
– Weight of only 138 grams
– Approved for a train weight of up to 90 kilograms
– High-quality carabiner to be prepared for all towing situations
Kommit Bike Towing System
Further advantages of kommit®
– Compatible and popular with e-bikes
– Evenly and quickly self-retracting cable system
– Reflective logo for optimised visibility
– Rubberised towing loop to protect the rope
– The traction cable remains permanently under tension, to avoid collisions with bicycle parts
Simple plug & play installation under your bike saddle. Firm fit and easy fixation and loosening of the kommit ® for maximum flexibility when biking together.

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