2022 "All New" Norco Fluid FS Models - In Stock Now

Say hello to the New and Improved Norco Fluid FS models for 2023. 

This new Platform consists of 4 Models starting at $3199 for the Fluid FS 4.

The New Trail bike from Norco boasts 130mm of rear travel, paired with 140mm travel up front. 

The level 3 and 4 bikes are the perfect bike for young riders wishing to enter the MTB scene, they are jump friendly, are quite durable and offer a reasonabl price for Mum and Dads back pocket (at $3,599 and $3,199)... Now with RockShox Suspension and 12 speed drivetrains and a great quality dropper post (a must have for any trendy kid of today) the Fluif Range of bikes is often the bike other brands compare and measura against for value, durabilty and ride quality. 

These are heard to beat, are trendy "for the cool kids" and are available.

Check them out in store or online now... 

Norco 2022 Fluid FS 2 - Blue

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